2013 - A Year in Review

Mission Birmingham is grateful to see God’s incredible work of bringing leaders into relationship with one another, developing those relationships into effective, trusting partnerships – that make Birmingham a more livable city!

2013 was a great year in the history of Mission Birmingham!  Look a just a few of the many ways this has been accomplished:

• Mission Birmingham is leading the way in creating a solution to indigent health care in Jefferson County. A group of forty Jefferson County officials, hospital leaders and pastors were convened twice by Pastor Michael Wesley, President of the Board of Mission Birmingham.

• Mission Birmingham has been convening a group of church planters, developing a strategy for church planting throughout the metro area. Many relationships are being formed to continue equipping church planters to be effective in sharing the gospel throughout many neighborhoods in our city.

• We have been convening several nonprofits and thirty churches in our city to develop a unified plan for seeing foster children throughout out region cared for by Christian families. Check out www.actforfostercare.com for more details.

• Mission Birmingham, in conjunction with two other ministries, planned and executed the Dunamis Leadership Development Conference for forty nonprofit leaders and pastors featuring Dr. Harry Reeder, Dr. Michael Wesley and Mr. Boyd Bailey in October.

We are so excited about 2014! I trust God to continue leading and guiding Mission Birmingham in the next year.

Your continued financial support will enable us to:

• Increase our staff’s time in the field. More time is needed to accomplish necessary initiatives and build more effective partnerships.

• Continue working toward a real-world solution to Jefferson County’s indigent heath care issues. The collaborative work of the Church, government and the health care industry can – and must – be realized regarding this important issue.

• Expand our relational influence with Birmingham’s church planters.

• Create a broader focus on solving difficult foster care issues throughout our region.

• Strengthen the Church in our metro area through connecting pastors in coaching relationships with high-capacity pastoral leaders like Harry Reeder and Michael Wesley.

• Build capacity in local nonprofits by providing leadership training for potential board membersin conjunction with the Alabama Association of Nonprofits.

• Complete www.CityOnItsKnees.com – a website/blog that will provide prayer insights into every municipality in the seven-county Birmingham metro area. We are journeying alphabetically through the cities and are currently in the “M”s.

• Support the efforts of the Birmingham Police Chaplains as they care for our city’s police officers and residents.

• Coach local prayer leaders in their prayer facilitation skills, strengthening local congregations and their prayer ministries.

• Plan and execute the 2nd Annual Dunamis Leadership Development Conference for pastors and nonprofit leaders. The feedback we received from the 2013 conference was so positive, we will provide additional training this year.

• Continue planning and executing our monthly, quarterly and annual prayer gatherings for pastors and ministry leaders.

May God continue to bless you in 2014. If you have any feedback for us, please contact me anytime. I’d love to hear your perspective on how we can more effectively meet the tremendous needs of our city. Mission Birmingham has prayer as its foundation – so, if you have any prayer needs through which we can partner with you, please let us know.

You can invest in the important ministry of Mission Birmingham here. Mission Birmingham is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and all of your donations are tax deductible. We are committed to stewarding your resources wisely to advance Christ’s Kingdom in our community.

For the glory of God and the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom!

Kevin Moore, Executive Director