Praying the Scripture - The Best Way to Pray!

I have discovered that praying the Scripture is one of the most valuable ways to pray. Along the way, I have collected some reasons why it so effective. (Some of these are from Judson Cornwall's book on praying Scripture.)

Here are 18 reasons why God’s Word is a valuable tool in corporate and private prayer: 

Prayer is a conversation. The Bible is our most reliable tool in the listening half of the conversation.
Praying the Scripture leads us to simplicity. Much of the peripheral stuff of our praying pales in comparison to the simplicity of the Word.
Scripture includes all types of prayer that can be used as a guide in all types of life situations.
Praying the Scripture gives us accurate views of God and of ourselves.
Praying the Scripture gives us power in the heavens. God’s Word does not return void.
Praying the Scripture reduces deception. We can be confident in the Truth.
Praying the Scripture exposes deceitfulness in our hearts.
Praying the Scripture has the capacity to align us with God’s will.
Praying the Scripture increases the substance of our prayers.
Praying the Scripture increases our prayer vocabulary.
Praying the Scripture gives us assurance that He will answer.
Praying the Scripture reassures us that our prayers are heard.
Praying the Scripture adds to the intensity of our prayer.
Praying the Scripture corporately tends to keep all focused in same direction.
Praying the Scripture connects us relationally – it creates intimacy on a horizontal level.
Praying the Scripture corporately connects with common purpose in the application of the Word – we resolve to accomplish His will together.
Praying the Scripture advances our understanding of the truth of the passage.
Praying the Scripture is like a curriculum to teach us – especially when we use it sequentially over a series of gatherings.

Helping Families Pray Scripture Together

Do you ever feel like you need help with a  creative, short, effective family devotional that utilizes the Word and prayer? is a great tool to direct you into a fun-filled five minutes with your family.

Forty different prayer guides are available to download that offer you ideas for:

Special family days and holidays
Special issues that affect families
Meaningful passages of Scripture to pray
All you need to do is print the PDF file, take it to the dinner table or utilize it in your bedtime routine. The passage of Scripture is printed with very brief devotional thought - followed by simple instructions on how to pray out of the passage.

Nearly every prayer guide suggests three directions to pray: Up, In and Out - a Focus on God, a Focus on You and a Focus on Others.

Discover the rich experience of Your Home a House of Prayer today!