Of all the essential aspects of a ministry, prayer is often the most challenging to establish and maintain. In reality, many ministries attempt to exist with very little emphasis on the “first of all” (I Timothy 2) priority of prayer. Prayer meetings are usually boring and rote. Engagement in prayer is usually minimal. The true power of lives connected to God in intimate prayer is mostly absent.

We are convinced that prayer in the ministries can, and should, be much different. Corporate prayer gatherings can be passionate, meaningful and even enjoyable. Combining the power of the written Word with the power of engaging prayer should be the pinnacle of a believer’s walk with Christ.

For over a decade Kevin Moore, the Executive Director of Mission Birmingham, led a church through the journey of becoming a “house of prayer”. Along the way, the congregation learned much about engaging God through scripture-based praying. He led hundreds of prayer gatherings in multiple settings for the church. The congregation traveled through our city praying and seeking God. They gathered in big groups and small intimate settings. Their leadership teams learned to lead effective prayer. Their youth love to pray. Their children learned to pray scripture. Prayer was the highlight of their missions conference.

Beyond that local congregation, Kevin has facilitated prayer gatherings and prayer summits in multiple settings for varying age groups throughout our city and in multiple states.

It would be a privilege for Mission Birmingham to continue learning alongside your ministry in a consulting role. (Everyone still has a lot to learn about prayer!) Kevin Moore is available to your church or ministry to provide guidance regarding the establishment and/or development of prayer.

Throughout the course of the last twenty years Kevin has led prayer in the following ways:

City-Wide Prayer Initiatives

  • Cry for Birmingham - Planned and executed quarterly prayer gatherings since 1999 for pastors and leaders of nonprofit ministries hosted in the headquarters of local bank headquarters.

  • City-Wide Prayer Gatherings – Planned and executed multiple city-wide prayer gatherings throughout the city of Birmingham. Most recently, led the design and implementation of a gathering for the Birmingham Festival of Hope featuring Franklin Graham attended by 800 people.

  • Pastors Prayer Summits – Planned and executed annual multi-denominational, multi-racial Pastors Prayer Summits in a retreat setting.

  • Prayer Leader Training – Coached church prayer leaders to better facilitate prayer in their congregations.

  • Scripture-Based Prayer Websites – Created websites to encourage scripture-based praying: www.PrayEphesians.com; www.FirstOfAll.org; and, www.YourHomeAHouseOfPrayer.com.

  • Birmingham Prayer Journeys – Planned and executed on-site praying, including written prayer guides, through Birmingham’s parks and places of interest.

  • Preaching, Teaching and Training – Delivered sermons, classes and sessions regarding prayer.

Congregation Prayer Initiatives

  • Leadership Prayer Teams - Elders and Ministerial Staff had prayer teams committed to interceding for them personally and for the ministries they lead.

  • Congregational Prayer Summits – Planned and executed Congregational Prayer Summits that involved extended scripture-based prayer facilitated by Kevin and/or nationally known facilitators.

  • "Fresh Encounter" Prayer Gatherings – Developed and facilitated scripture-based prayer including worship music and creative, Spirit-led interaction in the Word.

  • WeeklySunday Evening Prayer Gatherings – Planned and executed weekly gatherings for Biblical teaching and scripture-based praying.

  • Missions Conference Prayer Gatherings – Planned and executed special International Missions Conference prayer gatherings devoted to creatively praying for the needs of the world via prayer stations and for the missionaries who participate in the conference.

  • Intercessory Prayer Group – Oversaw a Wednesday evening intercessory prayer group praying for the needs of people in our congregation and beyond.

  • Sunday Morning Service Prayer – Oversaw a team of intercessors praying during each Sunday morning worship service.

Please contact Kevin Moore if you would like to discuss the potential of his involvement with your congregation and leadership teams. He can tailor-make a process to help your church or nonprofit ministry mature in its capacity to seek God in prayer.

Rev. Kevin Moore - Executive Director, Mission Birmingham

kmoore@missionbirmingham.org - 205.281.7753